You’re doing an application, you’re on the phone doing a pre-qual, you’re driving to a closing, and you have a life. The last thing you need is a confusing, impossible -to-use CRM.

Media Center… hands free operation for 20 years.

AutoData Feed

Don’t even think about entering data twice. We get your data directly from your Loan Origination System. All your prospects, in-process loans and closings are there for you: automatically.


Nobody has time to create content and launch campaigns. That’s why we do it for you. We write all your marketing content and launch the campaigns. Your Network will be amazed.

Smart Store

In our “Smart Store” you can order one-off emails and closing gifts. You can download and print flyers. You can even do open house brochures. Talk about one stop shopping.

Clean Interface

You may have seen systems that are difficult to navigate. They’re filled with so many fields and confusing navigation that you’re lost before you get started. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get things done.

Social Network AutoPosts

We all need to be active on Social Media. The problem is it takes time and effort. Not anymore. Now you’ll be on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In with our AutoPosts.

Daily Radar

Your Daily Radar will alert you when it’s time to make important calls. Birthdays, closing anniversaries and task calls are all served up for you daily- right on your phone.

Loan Mining Tools

You can find opportunities in your data base with just a few clicks. Then you can take those opportunities to our store to order an email to them. Totally targeted marketing!

Mobile App

We created a phone app that makes marketing on the go a snap. We even included a business card scanner so you can add people to your database and marketing campaigns with a couple of clicks.


Your relationship network is your future.
Let us help you nourish it while you go on with your life.

Here are a few ways we can help you “Nourish Your Network”:

Delight your Network by making them feel like you’re a professional with a heart! Remember their birthday. Remember their hobbies. Remember to say “Thanks”! These are just a few of the ways the Media Center can help you be the “pro with a heart”!


You’re mobile. We're mobile.

Our Mobile App is like having your Network in your hand.

Easily search through your Network and e-mail, call or text with a touch. Add new relationships to compelling e-content campaigns in seconds by scanning their business card or importing them right from your phone’s contact list. Isn’t that simple?


Your phone rings, “I just got your e-mail; can you help?” “I just got your postcard. Our daughter is getting married; can you help her get a home loan?” “I just got your e-mail; can you pre-qualify some folks for me?” We’ve been writing compelling content for 20 years.

Automated Content Marketing

The Media Center writes and launches content to all of your relationships.

Weekly market reports, monthly business tips, charts & graphs, and open house brochures.
We know your business partners are incredibly important to your purchase volume. We know that, so we take care of serving up relevant content. We make it super easy to download flyers and open house brochures too.

Hot - Long Term - Credit Challenged
You work hard to get your prospects qualified. We work hard to make sure you don’t lose them. Hot Prospects get weekly e-content for 12 weeks. Monthly after that. Long term prospects get monthly e-content and Credit Challenged get monthly credit tips for a year.

Milestone updates
One of the keys to a smooth transaction is communication during the processing of a loan. We simplify that by automating updates to your Borrowers and otherrelevant contacts. We even include cool videos that explain the process.

Thank you card - Monthly E-content - Birthday wishes - Holiday E-content
If you treat them right and stay connected your past customers are a significant source of repeat and refer business. We handle that for you.

Build Your Partner Network

Building your Partner Network is a winning long-term strategy. Network Now can help. Network Now is a RESPA compliant way to share marketing with your partners. Stay in front of your shared prospects with co-branded e-content. And for marketing to realtors you would like to do business with, there is Realtor in a Box, an eye catching item designed to help secure more appointments.

Compliance. Absolutely.

We've spent the last twenty years complying with the law... Our view is that there is no gray area here. Obey the law. - it's black and white.

We make it easy to do the right thing.

Our marketing never includes triggering language, we automatically integrate company, branch and Loan Officer disclosures. We provide audit support through our content archive system.

We comply with:


We all need a pat on the back now and then. Our fabulous customers have been patting us on the back for 20 years. Every so often they tell us we have changed their lives.
That's why we do what we do.












How do you know if something works? Take a look at the numbers.
Does your CRM help you close more loans?
Can they prove it? We can.

Media Center members average 27 more loans per year!!

We tracked production of Media Center Members vs. non- members at three different companies. The results are astonishing. At each company Members did nearly three times as much business as non-members. In fact Members average 27 more loans per year than non-members… year after year.